"My uncle is a cop and he is really nice."
— A white person with a white uncle that is nice to them (a white person)


       Ashway Islamic Education and Community Center »

Aldis Hodge as the center’s fresh, new imam who’s ready to prove himself the leader he knows he can be for the wary community. Irrfan Khan as the Head of the center’s Board of Trustees, while the center’s finances have never been so good, he’s praying even harder for the changing people inside of it. Samira Wiley as the new imam’s sister and the school’s girls sports coach, ready to whip her girls into shape to take home this year’s gold at the interfaith soccer tournament. Amara Karan as the social worker and feminist activist, it’s her mission in life to fight not just for equality in the center but in all of Houston. Alexander Siddig as the Farsi School teacher, happy that he finally convinced his wife out of going somewhere else to learn the language. Patricia Clarkson as his flighty, ex-Lutheran wife who is eager to learn Farsi but not as eager to let his teacher role get between them. Sonam Kapoor as the new community & charity organizer and college friend of the imam, the stress of needing to be perfect in this new position just might break her if she doesn’t learn how to relax. Abhay Deol as the Head of Trustees’ unruly son, he hasn’t kept a job longer than a handful of months and if he doesn’t get his act together soon his father will have no choice but to take serious action. Rubina Ali & Ayush Mahesh Khedekar as the Farsi teacher and student’s children whom are wrangled into spending more time with the charity organizer after skipping a few too many classes, hoping that by living the faith they’ll be more interested in learning about it.

Interfaith אֱמוּנָה a comedy series about the intertwined communities of faith in the metropolis of Houston

A dorm with a view — University of Pennsylvania
A dorm with a view — University of Pennsylvania
"As a black woman in [a] nation that has taken too many pains to remind me that I am not a white man, and am not capable of taking care of my reproductive rights, or my voting rights, I know that this American god ain’t my god."
— Dr. Anthea Butler (via mydearestlola)

This woman is one of my professors.

*excited squee*


If only series 4 Malcolm had spent less time on his epitaphs and more time on his epithets.  Poor Malcolm :(

(In TTOI univerise, it was exactly this time in July, two years ago that Malcolm realized his whole career had been for nothing.)

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Now, can you do a post about how Malcolm gets out and he and Nicola live happily ever after?

Because this post was depressing as fuck.


044 Prime Suspect 3 (1993)

Vera Reynolds is not a happy role or a fun one — unfortunately for her, she lives in the unrelentingly grim and grimy Prime Suspect universe — but I found her completely unforgettable, even though I don’t think she actually has all that much screen time.  It’s just that she makes every minute count. 

Although I’m sure I saw Local Hero on vhs sometime in the 1980s, and I know I saw Dangerous Liaisons in the movie theater, this was the role that really introduced me to Peter’s acting (also David Thewliss and Ciaran Hinds and Johnny Lee Miller and a whole host of others) when it first showed on Mystery on PBS in 1994. 

Fast forward to 2009 and a chance reading of a review for In the Loop, and one of the two things that made me seek out the film was recognizing that the Malcolm character (whoever he was; hard as it is for me to believe now, when I read the review I’d never even heard of The Thick of It)  was the same guy who had made such an incredible impression fifteen years before as Vera.   

So you could say Vera was absolutely my direct link to discovering Malcolm Tucker, but even with that extremely personal bias, I still genuinely think she is one of Peter’s very best roles of his entire career and the absolute answer to anyone (not that there are all that many anymore) who can’t believe he can be anyone other than Malcolm.

This is Peter’s absolutely best and most heartbreaking performance. If you haven’t seen it yet, GO WATCH IT.


040 Soft Top Hard Shoulder (1993)

In the Film Review article from 1993, Peter swears the only part of this that is truly autobiographical is the driving from London to Glasgow, but just taking into account Gavin’s background of being an artistic Italian-Scot from an ice cream making family*, Gavin’s tendency toward being neurotic which is exactly how Peter describes himself about a second and a half after saying Gavin isn’t like him, Gavin’s awesome dancing and athletic skills, Gavin’s general adorableness, and, obviously the degree to which Gavin/Peter is crazy about Yvonne/Elaine Collins, I’d say there’s probably more Peter in Gavin than otherwise — if you take into consideration that everything about Gavin is turned up to eleven for comedic effect.

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This movie is too adorable not to have any fanfic written about it.

Gavin’s cute face! Yvonne’s cute accent! Their cute arguments! The cute (but shitty) car! Their cute sloshing!

Ugh, le sigh. Just cute.


Gavin and his spoon, doing the dance of his people with Yvonne.  A scene that needs no dialogue, because it starts with a face and ends with high velocity smouldering toast.

I like to think that Peter and Elaine actually do this in their kitchen all the time.

Yeah, they definitely do.