My life is a clusterfuck.

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As senior prom draws closer and closer, I’m getting tired of explaining to people why I’m not going. As a recovering anorexic, it’s not a healthy environment. Hell, being a recovering anorexic anywhere means living in an unhealthy environment.

I’m not attending a party that is basically a glorified beauty pageant. I’m not attending a party where people spend thousands of dollars to look prettier than everybody else. I’m not attending a party that I’ve been told that I “need” to go to.

I don’t need to go to anything — especially a place that is dangerous for me.

moarcaffeine asked: All you need to know for series 8: Doctor is Gallifreyan, rank Time Lord. The planet Gallifrey is missing due to past drama & shenanigans and he has to find it to save his people. Daleks despise everything non-Dalek. There are several other baddies, and the Master might be relevant next series. The Doctor can go anywhere in space & time with his ship, the TARDIS, and he likes to take a human or two to travel with him. The Doctor doesn't go to places that fuck up his timeline or the BBC's budget.

See, I still don’t understand.

My knowledge is basically:

- Doctor = Peter

- Daleks = Exterminate

- Moffat = Asshole

Misuse of the term “cracker”



I’ve seen a lot of PoC using the term “stale cracker” to refer to stupid white people. Like “cracker” was given to us for our resemblance to Saltines or something.
History lesson: the term “cracker” originates from the sound the whip made when slaves were beaten.
Y’all claim to be soooo up on your culture, you don’t even know where your racist epithets come from.
You’re welcome.

Hilariously ignorant white folks acting like POC don’t know WHY we use the word ‘cracker’. Your racism is showing, you lowly white bitch. POC have BEEN smarter than y’all for a long time now. You’re so painfully new. 

Peter’s series as the Doctor is going to be my first time watching Doctor Who because, I mean, Peter, fulfilling a life long dream, duh, why wouldn’t I watch it?

I’m trying to read on some of the basic plot points in order to prepare myself and I understand ABSOLUTELY NONE OF IT. 

The stuff I do for you, Peter. 


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The Untold Renaissance - S/S 2014 Collection



Hey, girl, are you ready to go?


Look. Remember that one time. Yep. Donna 5ever. 


Vera Reynolds is not a happy role or a fun one — she couldn’t be in the unrelentingly grim and grimy Prime Suspect universe — but I found her completely unforgettable.  Although I’m sure I saw Local Hero on vhs sometime in the 1980s, this was the role that really introduced me to Peter’s acting (also David Thewliss and Ciaran Hinds) when it first showed on Mystery in 1994.  Fast forward to 2009 and a chance reading a film review of In the Loop and one of the two things that made me seek out the film was knowing the guy who’d played Vera in Prime Suspect 3 was in it.  

So you could say Vera was absolutely my direct link to discovering Malcolm Tucker, but even with that extremely personal bias, I still genuinely think she is one of Peter’s top ten roles and probably one of his top five.

This is the best performance Peter has ever given.

I just wanted Vera to be able to transition like she wanted to, go somewhere where she would be appreciated, and get married to somebody she loved.

Especially near the end where she’s crying/passing out on the bathroom floor…

Welp, now I’m gonna cry again.

Elaine Collins (Mrs. Capaldi) has the cutest voice in the entire world.

Like, omg. Read me bedtime stories, please.

I went through high school wanting to be loved.

Now, I’m about to go to college and people are reminding me about hookup culture and how everyone just wants sex.

Then, there are people telling me that grad students are too busy to get into relationships.

Damn, does a girl have to wait until she’s forty to get some love?